Bas Edixhoven

Bas passed away on January 16, 2022 of a brain tumor following a short period of illness. Bas was kind, generous with his time and knowledge, eager to learn, committed to education, to the environment, and so much more. He had boundless energy to dedicate to what he believed in and still had so many plans. He is greatly missed by many.
Bas and I met in 1989 and got married in 1993. Together, we have two sons, Luc and Tom.

This website collects links pertaining to Bas.

The website Bas had at Leiden University.

In memoria:

The VaNTAGe seminar chose its 12th topic in memory of Bas.

There has been a conference in Leiden. Following his talk in the symposium, Jaap Top wrote an article in the Nieuw Archief voor Wiskunde about the Bas/Serra-surface (in Dutch).

Leiden University has set up an Edixhoven Postdoctoral Fellowship. The description includes the following dedication: In memoriam: This biannual fellowship at the Mathematical Institute is offered to honor the legacy of prof.dr. Bas Edixhoven.

Here is a news piece about the first Edixhoven fellow.

There will be a special issue of Expositiones Mathematicae in honor of Bas.

During the two years following Bas's passing, David Holmes provided a form on his website through which one could share memories of Bas, meant for our family. We cherish those memories.